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Contact Lens For Your Children

Does your children or teenagers dislike to wear glasses although they really need it? Then you might want to consider to use contact lens for your them. Although they are still young, they can wear contact lens like the adults.

When choosing between glasses or contact lens for your kids or teenagers, there are some aspects that can be used as consideration such as;


Using glasses are simpler and more practical compare to contact lens. Unfortunately many kids and teen do not like to wear glasses since the glasses often make their appearance become less attractive or nerdy, so it can reduce their self-esteem.

Meanwhile contact lenses require more attention to take care the lenses. But it can boost children self-esteem since they do not have to wear glasses on their face.

Minimum age

Usually most eye doctor can give contact lenses prescription to children at 11 years old. Younger children can also wear contact lenses based on the recommendation from ophthalmologist.

Therefore, the age is not a problem for children to wear contact lenses, although the parents must ensure that their children aware their responsibilities to take care the contact lenses properly.


Many parents are worried about the safety of contact lenses for their children or teenagers. But, as long the contact lenses are made from responsible manufacturer, and taken care and worn properly, the lenses are very safe.

Here are some rules to make sure the safety of contact lenses;

Keep following your ophthalmologist instruction in taking care the contact lenses

Use and replace the lenses according to the schedule that is set by the eye doctor and do not wear them too long.

Do not sleep with the lenses on.

Use tight swimming goggles if you want to use the lenses while swimming.

Do not keep using the lenses if they give uncomfortable feeling to your eyes, or when your eyes feel tired and dry.



These days, every contact lenses are produced in a comfortable design. Many people claimed that the latest contact lenses design makes them feel like they did not wear the contact lenses at all.

But, for some people, putting on the lenses first in the morning would still make them feel uncomfortable and it would take few minutes before their eyes feels normal and comfortable again.

The difficulties in taking care the lenses

In the old days, taking care the contact lenses is quite complicated. Storing and cleaning process require delicate process. But, for modern contact lenses these process become much simpler using multi-purpose cleaner substance and easier storing case.

There are also disposable contact lenses that absolutely do not require any care at all. You just thrown out the lenses after using it once.


Since the glasses can be use and last much longer than contact lenses, the overall cost for contact lenses is more costly. It will become more expensive if you use colored or disposable contact lenses since this contact lenses type is the most expensive type.

The price of the contact lenses also varies depend on the material, type and brand.

General Mistakes In Parenting

Nobody said that it is going to be an easy task to become parent. There are no perfect manual that will help parent when the baby enter the family and become new member of the house.

So, here are few guides that is summarize from various parenting books about things that should not be done by any parents;

Feeling guilty by assuming the children mistakes is the failure of the parent. It is normal for kids to make errors. Unless the children do not learn from their mistake, then it would be bad. It would be impossible for kids for not making any mistake

Being a perfectionist. If every children problem are solved by their parent by providing all of their need, those kids would have difficulties in adapting the real world in their future and hard to become independent to solve their own problems. The children do not learn the skills that are required for them to survive in the real world. By aiming for a perfection, parents will put extra stress that should able to avoid, and in the end the children could end up resenting their parent because of it.

Too indulgent. Do not hesitate to deprive the children. If children always get what they want, they will end up have difficulties in appreciating what they already have, lack in cherishing their belonging.

Would not admitting their mistake. Parents must admit to their children if they commit any mistake. By admitting their mistake, parent will make their relationship with their children stronger. Children will recognize their parent as honest and brave adults instead of being snob and selfish. Become a good example for the children is more important than trying to look innocent in front of the children.

Shutting the kid off. It does not matter of what strategy parent apply to guide their kid, parents must be sure that they maintain open communication with their child. Parents must become as perceptive as they can, and they should believe their intuition regarding to what’s best for their child.

Physical punishment to alter bad behavior. This assumption is actually false. Even if the bad behavior is changed, it will only temporary result that does not remove the main factor that causing bad behavior. It can even strengthen other unwanted behavior in children. Hitting or yelling to children could make the kid to duplicate the behavior to other persons, even to their parents.

Always nagging to children. This action would make them ignoring their parents which will make the parents become more frustrated to their children.

Believing that children automatically would not make the same mistake after parent explaining why the behavior is bad. It is useless to explain the error without demonstrating the right behavior to children.

Too much praise have bad effect to children. This is the old fashion way of parenting. It is only true if the praise is misguided or being express in a poor way. Parents need to be specific when praising their kid. For example parents should say; you have playing good for 20 minutes with your sister, rather than saying “You are being a good boy today “.

Assuming that every children can be taught with the same method. Each kid have different level of development and maturity. They all have differences in strength, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is unfair for children to be compared between one to another. It would be better if parents more focusing in developing the children strengths and assist their kid to handle their weaknesses.

Fun Learning For Children As They Play

Fun Learning For Children As They PlayIt is every parent’s duty to get a proper toys for their children. It will be better if the toy that they get for their children are not only as a thing to play with, but also has education purpose in it. Therefore the children can learn something as they play with the toy.

Of course it is not automatically that parent should get rid of the toy that their children already attached to, but could get additional toys that have educational purpose for their children.

Picking proper education toys are very important particularly if the children at the stage of absorbing any information that they received from their environment. At this age they often ask various question that seem endless about anything that they saw, heard and experienced.

The basics of children educational toys

In general, the conventional classic toys would always have strong appeal for the children. Although in these days of age where the latest educational toys has advance technology aspect in it, there are some classic toys that still popular among parents every time.

For example, the wooden building blocks whether the plain, colored, numbered, pictured or have letter on them are still become favorite for parents even until this day. Many modern parents still bought these wooden block for their children educational toys.

With these blocks children will have fun time building something with the building blocks and also learning to know about numbers, alphabets or pictures that are on the blocks surface at the same time.

Toys that can introduce shapes, numbers, letters, colors, things name to children are one of the best educational toys that any parents must consider.

Modern educational toys for children

Today there are some modern educational toys with the shape of laptop that also can introduce kids with various things such as letters, shape, colors, animals and even sound and songs. The images, sounds and light that are produce with these toys will help children to learn in a fun way.

Therefore, it is not a problem whether the parents decide to get modern or classic educational toys for their children. The most important part is that parent are buying the educational toys so their kids will have fun time when playing with it and also get educated at the same time.