Becoming Grandparents For The First Time

First Time GrandparentsJust like becoming a parent for the first time, becoming a grandparents for the first time is also one of the most anticipated event by most people. With the coming of their first grandchild, it makes their life feel like just one step closer to completion. Their heart become overwhelming with love, pride and joy as the first time when they heard their grandchildren called them as grandpa and grandma. Although there are also some people get depress because they realize that they have turning into old people haha.. Just joking.

The grandparents will begin their new leaf as the role model for your children and their spouse when they have become parents. The grandparent will provide help and support for their children to raise their baby, and will provide and share the great fun and experience with their grandchildren.

Supporting the children to become great parents

First of all the grandparent must realize and able to see the fine line and differences about helping and supporting with intervene and fussy. It will be better if the grandparent do not overwhelm their children with suggestion, opinion, and decision, about how to raise their baby. And try avoiding criticizes your children as parents. To many intervene and becoming fussy, could jeopardize your relationship with your children and their spouse.

Keep your suggestion in moderation and simple manner, even when they’re asking your opinion and suggestion. Try not to overtaking or make sudden decision without being asked, unless it was in emergency or at great risk.

By trusting and letting your children become parents for their baby, will make your children give their respect more to you as their role model, and improve your relationship become much closer as family, while you’ll be expecting to have the great and fun time with your grandchildren.


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