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Smoking Habit In The Family

Most everybody understands about the dangerous effect of smoking to their health. But unfortunately because the addictive substance that is known as nicotine inside the cigarettes and cigars, people who has smoking addiction are difficult to leave this bad habit.

Smoking in family environment

Smoking is not only will risking the smokers own health but also other people around them or passive smokers. The worse part is, many of those passive smokers are come from close related person of the smokers such as children, baby or infant, pregnant wife and other family members.

Some of the effects in smoking are; smelly environment, respiratory problem, higher birth defect risk, etc. But the biggest side effect of smoking that the children will see that smoking is acceptable in the family and society. Therefore the children will be easily tempted to copy their parent’s bad habit when they grow up.

Quitting the smoking habit

In the last few years there are many information about the electronic cigarettes or e cig, that is claim as the healthier way of smoking. These e cigs use the main nicotine substance so the smokers do not produce other dangerous smoke such as carbon monoxide and tar. But until this day there are no clear information or research that mentions whether the e cig is really safer then the conventional smoking or not.

Many of e cig products also claim as the best electronic cigarette and able to help the smoker to reduce and quit their smoking habit. But the effectiveness of e cig compare in helping smokers to quit their habit is still not proven. Therefore in order to quit the smoking habit will require strong effort and determination from the smokers. The support from your love one such as children, spouse and other family members will also contribute and play the major role in quitting this habit.

Searching For The Right Family Dentist

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family is very important, since it will influence your family oral health such as performed by Powell dentist. The right dentist will help your family to avoid dental issues, especially with children teeth since their teeth they are still developing.

Although the standard of the right family dentist is relatively different among people, there are some references that you can use to determine the right family dentist such as;

Experience and license

In U.S, every professional dentist must have graduation certificate from accredited dental school and pass the practical and written examination from the authority. Search or ask the dentist license from the dentist office or website. And if you really want to make sure that the credential is legitimate, you can verify the license to the Dental Boards in your state.

It will be better if the dentist that you prefer to is also has related expertise and skills in any healthcare area, which is also proof by legitimate credential. So, your dentist skills and knowledge will always up to date to the latest development in their field.


You could search good family dentist by asking recommendation from your friends, relatives or acquaintances in your neighborhood. You can also search for online review and testimony from the previous and current patient from various websites, blogs or video streaming sites.

The service

Find out the service which is provided by the dentist. Check out if they only treat the adults or children only. Although most dentist practice can treat patient from all age groups. But, in some cases, some children require special treatment, so you need to assure that the dentist that you choose is good in handling your children.


There are also other criteria to find the right dentist for your family such as the dentist office, staff, costs, promotion packages and many other factors. The most important thing to do before deciding is not to rush it in making decision.

Take your time and see any other options and opinion from various sources. A good family dentist will become your partner in maintaining your family healthcare to protect your family dental health.

Contact Lens For Your Children

Does your children or teenagers dislike to wear glasses although they really need it? Then you might want to consider to use contact lens for your them. Although they are still young, they can wear contact lens like the adults.

When choosing between glasses or contact lens for your kids or teenagers, there are some aspects that can be used as consideration such as;


Using glasses are simpler and more practical compare to contact lens. Unfortunately many kids and teen do not like to wear glasses since the glasses often make their appearance become less attractive or nerdy, so it can reduce their self-esteem.

Meanwhile contact lenses require more attention to take care the lenses. But it can boost children self-esteem since they do not have to wear glasses on their face.

Minimum age

Usually most eye doctor can give contact lenses prescription to children at 11 years old. Younger children can also wear contact lenses based on the recommendation from ophthalmologist.

Therefore, the age is not a problem for children to wear contact lenses, although the parents must ensure that their children aware their responsibilities to take care the contact lenses properly.


Many parents are worried about the safety of contact lenses for their children or teenagers. But, as long the contact lenses are made from responsible manufacturer, and taken care and worn properly, the lenses are very safe.

Here are some rules to make sure the safety of contact lenses;

Keep following your ophthalmologist instruction in taking care the contact lenses

Use and replace the lenses according to the schedule that is set by the eye doctor and do not wear them too long.

Do not sleep with the lenses on.

Use tight swimming goggles if you want to use the lenses while swimming.

Do not keep using the lenses if they give uncomfortable feeling to your eyes, or when your eyes feel tired and dry.



These days, every contact lenses are produced in a comfortable design. Many people claimed that the latest contact lenses design makes them feel like they did not wear the contact lenses at all.

But, for some people, putting on the lenses first in the morning would still make them feel uncomfortable and it would take few minutes before their eyes feels normal and comfortable again.

The difficulties in taking care the lenses

In the old days, taking care the contact lenses is quite complicated. Storing and cleaning process require delicate process. But, for modern contact lenses these process become much simpler using multi-purpose cleaner substance and easier storing case.

There are also disposable contact lenses that absolutely do not require any care at all. You just thrown out the lenses after using it once.


Since the glasses can be use and last much longer than contact lenses, the overall cost for contact lenses is more costly. It will become more expensive if you use colored or disposable contact lenses since this contact lenses type is the most expensive type.

The price of the contact lenses also varies depend on the material, type and brand.