Effective Post Eye Lasik Surgery Treatment

For people who have been going trough an eye lasik surgery must remember that a post surgery treatment for the eye is very necessary. The purpose is to ensure the success and the effectiveness of the Eye Lasik. A lasik surgery procedure is relatively quick and the patient can recover very quickly. The patient can go back to their normal activities within a few days. The doctor will give you guidance to treat your eye after the surgery including the eye drops to prevent inflammatory.

It is would be best that the patient wearing dark glasses for a few day to protect from bright lights. And use protective eye mask to avoid unintentional scratching that might happen while you sleep, and reduce the change of dry eyes after the Eye Lasik Surgery. There is a big chance that the patient would feel a little eye irritation. In some cases the patient will experience a small paints, for this case the doctor give the patient small dosage of pain killers. The patient vision will be hazy for a few days. It would be normal that the patient will experience blood shot eyes at this recovery time. These symptoms sustain in a few days, and after that the symptoms will fade away and the vision will get better.

The eye treatment should be applied in the first few months after the Eye Surgery. The patient must clean the eyes base on the doctor guidance each day. The patient is also recommended to avoid wearing any kinds of eye makeup near the eye area.  It is also recommended not to go to saunas and swimming in the first few weeks, and avoid any physical or sport activities that can put a stress to the eye.

The first months of eye post surgery treatment are important to determine the patient vision quality. It will take three to six months for the patient vision to become stable. The patient will experience glares and some driving interference, especially at night during recovery time. The patient should consult to the doctor if their symptoms still occur after the first three months. And report it immediately if the symptoms getting worse. If the eyes don’t get stable or the vision problems didn’t get better after the first few months, a re-operation might be require.

Lasik eye surgery has a high success rate among the patients who have going trough it. It has quick procedure and the patients don’t need to get hospitalize. But, effective eye post surgery treatment will gives a higher success rate. The patient must follow all the guidance eye treatment as the doctor specified during the first six months after the surgery.


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