Fun and Affordable Activities to Do With Your Children

Playing Kite with ChildrenThese inexpensive ideas are sure to get your children creative juices flowing! The children will love them because it gives them something productive to do and parents will love them because they are easy and cheap, but still let the children have a lot of fun.

Fly a kite at a local park. Kites can usually be found at any local dollar store. You will able to find many cool and great kites there.

Blow bubbles. Bubbles are very cheap yet very exciting for children to do. Children can have contests to see who can make the most or the biggest bubble.

Make an “I love You” card for someone. Or is someone’s birthday coming up? Let the children be creative and make a friend or relative a card from the heart.

Paint Rocks. You can find rocks anywhere. Let the children be creative with some paint, markers, ribbons, beads and glue.

Catch fireflies, ants, bugs or butterflies. Summer nights are perfect for catching fireflies and they are very neat as a nightlight. At your local dollar store, you may also be able to find a cheap ant farm. These are so much fun!!

Put together a puzzle. These always keep children entertained and busy.

Make paper airplanes. Teach the children to make their own paper airplane then decorate it with picture and crayon and then fly them.

Frame their hands and feet. Have your children put their hand prints and feet prints on paper and then frame them in an inexpensive frame. This is something that you will love down the road when the children are grown.


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