General Mistakes In Parenting

Nobody said that it is going to be an easy task to become parent. There are no perfect manual that will help parent when the baby enter the family and become new member of the house.

So, here are few guides that is summarize from various parenting books about things that should not be done by any parents;

Feeling guilty by assuming the children mistakes is the failure of the parent. It is normal for kids to make errors. Unless the children do not learn from their mistake, then it would be bad. It would be impossible for kids for not making any mistake

Being a perfectionist. If every children problem are solved by their parent by providing all of their need, those kids would have difficulties in adapting the real world in their future and hard to become independent to solve their own problems. The children do not learn the skills that are required for them to survive in the real world. By aiming for a perfection, parents will put extra stress that should able to avoid, and in the end the children could end up resenting their parent because of it.

Too indulgent. Do not hesitate to deprive the children. If children always get what they want, they will end up have difficulties in appreciating what they already have, lack in cherishing their belonging.

Would not admitting their mistake. Parents must admit to their children if they commit any mistake. By admitting their mistake, parent will make their relationship with their children stronger. Children will recognize their parent as honest and brave adults instead of being snob and selfish. Become a good example for the children is more important than trying to look innocent in front of the children.

Shutting the kid off. It does not matter of what strategy parent apply to guide their kid, parents must be sure that they maintain open communication with their child. Parents must become as perceptive as they can, and they should believe their intuition regarding to what’s best for their child.

Physical punishment to alter bad behavior. This assumption is actually false. Even if the bad behavior is changed, it will only temporary result that does not remove the main factor that causing bad behavior. It can even strengthen other unwanted behavior in children. Hitting or yelling to children could make the kid to duplicate the behavior to other persons, even to their parents.

Always nagging to children. This action would make them ignoring their parents which will make the parents become more frustrated to their children.

Believing that children automatically would not make the same mistake after parent explaining why the behavior is bad. It is useless to explain the error without demonstrating the right behavior to children.

Too much praise have bad effect to children. This is the old fashion way of parenting. It is only true if the praise is misguided or being express in a poor way. Parents need to be specific when praising their kid. For example parents should say; you have playing good for 20 minutes with your sister, rather than saying “You are being a good boy today “.

Assuming that every children can be taught with the same method. Each kid have different level of development and maturity. They all have differences in strength, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It is unfair for children to be compared between one to another. It would be better if parents more focusing in developing the children strengths and assist their kid to handle their weaknesses.


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