Helpful Tips for Children and Teens Regarding Cyber Bullying

Stop Cyber BullyingChildren and teens that are received cyber bullying need to know and understand that hiding these problems will only make things worse. The bullying will become more escalated and intense as you let them be. Here are some tips that children, teens and parents can do when they are facing the cyber bullying:

Know that there are ALWAYS people available to help you that will make cyber bullies stop. These people are law enforcement; your school teacher, school counselor, principal; your parents or a nurturing, responsible adult.

Report this crime to the police. If possible, report it as it is happening.

If you are afraid to call the police, email a report of the incident(s) to cybercrime reporting sites such as:,,, or you can contact

Don’t give out any personal information such as your name, your school’s name or the name of any of the sports teams in which you play, your home telephone or cellular phone number, your address, including the city where your other parent lives if they are divorced, your parent’s office address, or the address of your school.

Don’t ever use your real name as your user or screen name.

Do not respond to the harassers directly because that is exactly what they want. Don’t give them the pleasure of knowing that you’re upset by it — Stay cool.

Save and print out all messages – DO NOT ERASE THE EMAILS.

If you know, take notes: State the name of the harassers, and all the details about the incident(s)


If you want to BLOCK USERS from contacting you via email, do the following:

Look for the “Block” button. Sometimes it is in your Inbox. You block someone by highlighting or checking the box next to their email and then clicking on the Block button. When you do this, all the emails form the address you blocked will not go through to your Inbox.

Type in the persons email address in the box, or right click on the name of the person in your contact list.

Change your email address if you’re still getting messages from someone who is harassing you online, after you do the above.


It’s an unsettling thought for any parent to think that their child may be a victim of a Cyber Bully, or be one. As difficult as it may be to consider, parents and teachers alike need to talk about this subject at home and in the classroom. We need to raise awareness of this issue and be pro-active. At present, lawmakers are drafting laws to prevent and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. Education, Vigilance, and strict laws are keys in disarming bullies.


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