How to Figure the Babysitter Fee

Babysitting fee is varying between $6.00 to $20.00 per hour or more! There are plenty consideration when estimating on how much the babysitter’s fee. Mostly the things that influence the fee are:

•    The age of the babysitter
•    Number of children the sitter will be caring for.
•    The babysitter or nanny’s level of experience
•    Extra duties.
•    “Holiday” date nights.

The first step on estimating the babysitter fee, is to ask friends or neighbor around your house about how much they paid for babysitter fee. Ask few people, so you can figure out yourself about the accurate amount of fee. Remember, the age and the number of children will influence the babysitting rate.

If you can’t find somebody in your area that you could ask, then you can search on the newspaper add about babysitters and nannies that offering their service. You can also see the public bulletin boards on store or other public area about babysitter add.

Another way to find out the babysitting and nanny fee are on the internet for babysitting and nanny services or agencies. Some of them have the tool where you simply put your zip code and you could get a list of babysitters that close to your neighbor, with the detail of a short biography, recommendation, experience level, photographs, rates and their availability posted on their profile page.

With this, you should be able to estimate the accurate fee for a good babysitter in your neighborhood that meet to your requirement.


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