Learning to Read in Kindergarten

For kindergartners, the expectation of entering school may be really big. That’s because most of the children know that means they will start learning how to read. Actually the truth is they only learn it after a few months in the kindergarten.

Usually the Learning will start with letter introduction and the ability to recognize and pronounce the sounds of the letters. This is usually called as phonics. Most children will start to decode (sound out words) in the three months after the kindergarten started. Beside the phonics, reading lesson will include sight words. Sight words are words that usually can be found in word such as, “the” or “my”. The pronouncing sight word that is not complies with phonetic principles, causing them difficult to pronounce it. To memorize these words can develop the reading fluency and comprehension greatly.

Reading ability need te get practice. The essential component is the correlation between home and school. To assist your children practice you could give them reading books for beginning readers. Normally the books will contain:
• Simple sentence that consists simple words
• Colorful, with pictures that suited with the text
• Short and simple stories with a little pages and match to the child interest

Encouraging reading practicing at home is very simple. You can put your child’s reading practice book in a special bookcase or box in their room. Selecting the book for their practice also can motivate them to read in itself.


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