Naughty Children

Many children have difficulty to communicate to their parents so many of them will acting up since they have unmet needs or unhappy feeling which they are trying to said to their parents.

Misbehavior’s can be caused by plenty of stuff. This could be just from mimicking the parents behavior or they acting up to get what they wants. the common reason for their numerous misbehavior is for their need for attention and acceptance. When a child doesn’t get accepted socially, they will express their disappointment with misbehavior. So if a child doesn’t get positive attention, then they will keep put on an effort to get it, even dough they will get the negative attention by misbehaving. How to know about this? Well, if your children have been acting up more and lately you’ve been particularly busy, this could be a hint.

You have to consistently show your attention and love to your kid a couple times a day. Leave whatever you are doing at the time, pick them up and sit them on your lap. Make an eye contact when you talk to them and reassure them by mentioning their name. You have to maintain the relationship with your children by hearing to what they need to say to you, ask questions, be understanding, patient, and try to stimulate them mentally. Express sincere interest about what they saying to you. If you think they need more reinforcement, spend some time with them. Each child requires some attention focused solely on them each day.


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