Persuade Your Children To Eat Healthy Foods

Persuade Your Children To Eat Healthy FoodsAs parents we always want our children eat the healthy food. There are many benefit that they will have if they eating healthy food. Their health will improve and they also have good physical and mind development. Unfortunately children can be picky about the food that they ate. So, here is some tips that you can do to persuade your children to eat healthy foods;



Shopping the grocery with your children

You can let your children to choose the vegetable or fruit that they want to eat. Usually children become more interested to eat the foods that they choose. What if they want to take unhealthy food such as cookie or candy? In this case you can let them have it, but you must limit the amount, infact you can make bargain with them. Children can only choose one pack of cookie or one candy as long they are willing to eat the vegetable and fruit.

Cooking With ChildrenCooking together

Let the children help you in preparing the meals. You can make them mix or stir the food in the bowl, or pour the sauce, teach them how cracking the egg. Praise them how helpful they are when it is time for meal. The fun activity and the praise will make them happy and motivate them to eat the healthy food.


Fun FoodFun food

Children usually are more interested with the foods that have unique shape with bright colors. And the best part is there are many vegetable and fruit that have bright color that can make them interested. All you have to do is be creative to shape those vegetables and fruit into unique shape such as animal, flower or car. You do not need to get detail shape, just being resemble is good enough, because children are more interested in simple shape rather than detail shape.

Become the good example

If you have healthy habit, then it will be easier to encourage your children to do the same. Children often copy their parent’s habit; it is a part of their normal behavior that they can carry on to their adult life.


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