Pool Safety For Your Children

pool coverDo you have your own pool at your house? If you do, have you take any precautions to ensure your children safety and other children from the danger of drowning in the pool? Many people have been taking lightly about pool safety. Most of them are think that by simply give their children to be careful around the pool is enough.

The danger of pool drowning

The fact is in United States alone, the death because of drowning at the pool is in the top 5 of people unintentional death. So far the victim comes not only from children, but also comes from the adult and elderly. But, the risk of drowning for children is higher compare to other age.

The drowning and near drowning accident can happen both where the pool is unsupervised by the parent or an adult and also can happen during in the present of adult supervision. This is happen because children will feel secure because there is parent or an adult supervision and sometime this can make them become reckless for their own safety. Many parents do not know that it take less than 5 second for children to drown.

Beside the pool, the risk of children drowning can also comes from, bathtub, hot tub, Jacuzzi, and even a bucket, especially for children under the age of 1 year old..

Safety measure

Some of actions that you can take to ensure your children safety from drowning are;

Supervision. Always supervise your children in the pool, bathtub, hot tub or Jacuzzi.

Train your children how to swim properly and warn them about the situation that can cause an accident such as cramp, slipping, and falling.

Don’t leave any water inside tub, Jacuzzi or bucket if you not using it, especially if you have small children or toddler.

Install pool cover, so you can safely close your pool when nobody using it or when you are gone or there is no adult person in your house. Choose the strong pool cover material that can hold the weight of children encase your children accidentally fall in the pool.

pool fencesBuilding fences around the pool. For extra precaution you can build fences around the pool with gates and locking it when the pool is unsupervised. There are also people who install alarm at the fence gate and infrared alarm around the pool. Therefore they will know when someone is near the pool or open the pool gate.

People must not take lightly about the pool safety. The right planning, measurement and thorough supervision will help you to ensure the safety of your children and the rest of family in the pool without loosing or reducing your family fun in enjoying the pool.



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