Preventing the School Violence

School ViolenceEvery parent is always hoping that their child will be protected, cared and safe when they are in the school environment. Unfortunately there have been many violence related children case that is occurs in schools.

Preventing school violence is more difficult than it seems, especially in the last decades. Some school administrators even have to hire more people for security and safety, some school even need to install metal detector in the entrance, and strict rules against violence. But it is impossible to hope that those security officer and the school staffs are able to monitor every children behavior in school.

Reducing the school morale

The violence in school will disturb the school activities. So, in the end the student will become less interested in following the education process. Violence will also create dissatisfaction and rebellion for the students.

Student who experience violence in school will loose their trust to the school and education system. This will resulting poor grades, damage their social life and ability, and reduce their self esteem. If they do not handle properly, it could lead them to anger, and vengeance, that also create other violence.

Everybody responsibility

Preventing violence in school needs everybody involvement, from parents, teacher and the school administrators. These days many schools have counseling and anger management program to reduce the school violence. This is an overwhelming task that took a lot of time and energy from everybody. But with the support and encouragement from parent, school administrators, teachers, the students themselves and even the government, we can make a school become a safe and peaceful place to educate our children.


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