PubertyTalking to you children about personal issues can be hard, but this is something that you need to do. Don’t forget that every parent is once a child too, so parents should understand about the experience with the same issues that their children face now.

Parent should understand about their children embarrassment, and they may feel a little embarrassed about this STUFF too. It is better for you to ask her questions now, because it will make it easier to ask her more difficult questions in the future.

A recent survey that had been conducted showed that around 55.9% of girls have never talked to their parents about puberty. And in another survey showed that 51.9% of girls say that their friend give the best advice. This is because most girls never talk to their parents about these issues.

When talking to your children or teens, remember that the first thing you should do is to make sure that the timing is right, then tell them that you need to talk with them when they have a few minutes free. Let them know that it is important, and private. This will usually get their attention.

Parents will, but they need to know and take time for important issues like this. There is no doubt that some parents are nervous about these issues. But no matter what, they are surely wanted to take part in helping their children and teens with important issues such as puberty.



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