Smoking Habit In The Family

Most everybody understands about the dangerous effect of smoking to their health. But unfortunately because the addictive substance that is known as nicotine inside the cigarettes and cigars, people who has smoking addiction are difficult to leave this bad habit.

Smoking in family environment

Smoking is not only will risking the smokers own health but also other people around them or passive smokers. The worse part is, many of those passive smokers are come from close related person of the smokers such as children, baby or infant, pregnant wife and other family members.

Some of the effects in smoking are; smelly environment, respiratory problem, higher birth defect risk, etc. But the biggest side effect of smoking that the children will see that smoking is acceptable in the family and society. Therefore the children will be easily tempted to copy their parent’s bad habit when they grow up.

Quitting the smoking habit

In the last few years there are many information about the electronic cigarettes or e cig, that is claim as the healthier way of smoking. These e cigs use the main nicotine substance so the smokers do not produce other dangerous smoke such as carbon monoxide and tar. But until this day there are no clear information or research that mentions whether the e cig is really safer then the conventional smoking or not.

Many of e cig products also claim as the best electronic cigarette and able to help the smoker to reduce and quit their smoking habit. But the effectiveness of e cig compare in helping smokers to quit their habit is still not proven. Therefore in order to quit the smoking habit will require strong effort and determination from the smokers. The support from your love one such as children, spouse and other family members will also contribute and play the major role in quitting this habit.


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