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Pool Safety For Your Children

pool coverDo you have your own pool at your house? If you do, have you take any precautions to ensure your children safety and other children from the danger of drowning in the pool? Many people have been taking lightly about pool safety. Most of them are think that by simply give their children to be careful around the pool is enough.

The danger of pool drowning

The fact is in United States alone, the death because of drowning at the pool is in the top 5 of people unintentional death. So far the victim comes not only from children, but also comes from the adult and elderly. But, the risk of drowning for children is higher compare to other age.

The drowning and near drowning accident can happen both where the pool is unsupervised by the parent or an adult and also can happen during in the present of adult supervision. This is happen because children will feel secure because there is parent or an adult supervision and sometime this can make them become reckless for their own safety. Many parents do not know that it take less than 5 second for children to drown.

Beside the pool, the risk of children drowning can also comes from, bathtub, hot tub, Jacuzzi, and even a bucket, especially for children under the age of 1 year old..

Safety measure

Some of actions that you can take to ensure your children safety from drowning are;

Supervision. Always supervise your children in the pool, bathtub, hot tub or Jacuzzi.

Train your children how to swim properly and warn them about the situation that can cause an accident such as cramp, slipping, and falling.

Don’t leave any water inside tub, Jacuzzi or bucket if you not using it, especially if you have small children or toddler.

Install pool cover, so you can safely close your pool when nobody using it or when you are gone or there is no adult person in your house. Choose the strong pool cover material that can hold the weight of children encase your children accidentally fall in the pool.

pool fencesBuilding fences around the pool. For extra precaution you can build fences around the pool with gates and locking it when the pool is unsupervised. There are also people who install alarm at the fence gate and infrared alarm around the pool. Therefore they will know when someone is near the pool or open the pool gate.

People must not take lightly about the pool safety. The right planning, measurement and thorough supervision will help you to ensure the safety of your children and the rest of family in the pool without loosing or reducing your family fun in enjoying the pool.


Children Safety during Trick or Treating On Halloween Night

Halloween Safety for Children

People from all over the world often associate Halloween with fun and treats. Parents allow their children to go out and enjoy their trick and treat activities, without thinking about their child’s safety to some degree. The truth is, Halloween is not just about fun and treats. Several reports have revealed that compared to the other usual nights, the Halloween nights are more dangerous to children ages 5 to 11. A large number of children were killed and injured during Halloween nights and this happens primarily because of lack of parent’s supervision.

There are a lot of things that parents can do for their child’s safety at Halloween. To know more about the most advisable Halloween child safety strategies, just read on below some of the worth noting Halloween child safety tips that are perfect for parents, guardians and children as well.

Supervising the ChildrenSmall children must only go to a well-lit house and remain only on porches rather than entering the house.

It will be better if children go for trick or treat activities with a number of their friends and accompany by one or several adults.

It will be wise if the children keep and remember their parents or their own home phone numbers and carry coins or cell phone for emergency calls.

Prepare name tags with addresses and attached them to Halloween costumes.

Check the Treats that are GivenParents must warn the children not to immediately eat any treats that are given to them. It will be wiser for parent to check all the treats before letting their children eat it.

If the children are wearing costumes that use swords, knives, or any hard objects, the parents must make sure that those accessories are not sharp and rigid. It will be better if the children can use the flexible accessories instead.

Children must stay on sidewalks and avoid crossing the street without supervision. If the children want to cross the street or cross at the corner, make sure that they are stay together in a group before crossing the road and do not crossing between parked cars. Therefore the passing by driver will able to see them clearly.

If possible, choose and wear clothing that is bright, reflective and flame retardant.

Halloween Costume SafetyDo not let the children wear baggy or oversized costumes to prevent them from tripping, and also do not let them wear oversize mask or hat that obstructing their view when walking. The children should use the mask that properly fit or face paint.

Set a curfew for older children.

Prepare homes for tricks or treaters by cleaning and clearing your porches, sidewalks, and lawns.

Make sure that the pedestrian area in your neighborhood is safe for trick or treaters.

For people who are driving at same time as the trick or treating activity, they need to be extra careful when driving around the neighborhood. Watch for any children that might crossing the streets. Drive safely and slowly.

Those basically are the Halloween child safety tips. It will be better if parents can follow it to ensure the children safety and support their activity so they can have a fun and enjoyable Halloween experience.

Teaching The Internet Safety For Your Children

There is no doubt that the internet is one of the greatest inventions in our time. It has made our life’s become simpler and more convenient especially in communication and information. Information from anywhere in the world can be acquired in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately this vast information technology development also has unfortunate side especially for our children. Many uncontrollable, random, free and dangerous information are flooding the internet, sometimes without any filter. Our children minds and mental or psychology’s that is not fully developed will be affected with these kind information. Therefore it is our jobs as their parents and guardians to teach them properly about internet safety.

There are many internet aspects that are threatening our children safety. But many of them can be classified into these basic threats.

Online abuse

There are many people who target children or children predator on the internet for many purposes such as bullying, violence, sexual approach, engagement and assault, social background and many more. They can easily pretend to be someone else to get children attention. There are many way for them to do it such as in online forums, chat, gaming, email, social media and many other online interactions. Basically many children have naive thought, in the spirit of friendship they can easily accept and welcome any introduction and interaction from stranger especially if the strangers claim themselves as children too.

Unsafe websites

There are many website that fill with dangerous and unsafe information that can be accessed by children easily and freely such as violence, fanatic ideology, hatred to particular or many social backgrounds, porn and many more.  If your children access the internet from your own home computer you can easily prevent and blocked these websites so the children cannot access it with many internet safety software and computer program that can acquire easily from many source. But with the development of technology and communication, the children can access the internet from any place without your supervisions. Therefore you must teach them properly and make them understand about the danger of those websites.

Unsafe program and fishing

With their great curiosity, people can easily lure and tricked children to click any link or download any program or file without suspicious. This can make children unintentionally let any dangerous software or program such as viruses, worm, Trojans, spyware into your personal computer or any gadget that can access the internet. These programs will damage your gadget performance, and personal file and data. Some of them can even steal your important personal data such as financial or banking and your working data.

Although there are many other internet threat that threatening your children safety, it does not mean that you should prohibited and prevent them from accessing the internet. But with proper teaching and learning from you, hopefully can help them to avoid the internet threat.