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Children Self Esteem

Children Self EsteemAs parent, you may ever battling with child self esteem. Child self esteem is quite fragile, especially when they are entering the adolescence stage. This is because they become more aware about their physical appearances, they usually identify their existence on how are they appear in front of their friend and other people. Failing in appearance may make them become embarrass and humiliated.


Parent’s opinion

At this point, usually the parent’s opinion might have become less meaningful in the children eyes. The reassuring word of encouragement or support is no longer enough to make them comfortable and confident as when they are just little children. Then you probably wondering what can you do to improve their child self esteem in a healthy manners and behavior.

Improving the child self esteem

To improve the child self esteem, an experience psychologist Christina McCann from New York State, suggesting the parents to follow these tips;

Accepting their child appearances just what they are. Avoid being critical regardless their outside appearance such as their fashion styles, or dyeing their hair.

Support their best side and express it vocally.

Try to spend one on one quality time as much as they can.

If you live separately, parent should establish communication as much as they can by sending them mails or by phone.


When adolescence child or teens self esteem is damage, it can make them fall into depression. This situation can be indicate by these symptoms; lack of energy, hard to concentrate, irregular sleeping patterns, behavior changes, especially towards their parents and become uncontrollable and annoying. And if this behavior continues, you should consider to visiting specialist that can handle teenage or adolescence child problems.

Preventing Children Bad Breath

Preventing Children Bad BreathDoes your child have a bad breath? Bad breath or halitosis can happen to children. And if this condition is continue it can affect and reduce their confident when they are with their friend. Although bad breath is rarely causing health problem for the children, you should treat it immediately and prevent that so it will not happen again, if your children has a bad breath.

Bad Breath

Since most people cannot smell their own breath, then as a parent you should check your children breath regularly, so can take prevention immediately. There are several main reasons why your child can have a bad breath such as;

From the food they are eating. Certain food and drinks can make a person breath become smelly whether for adult or children. And for some people, the smell can become much worse than anyone else. This is because the difference of body condition on each person. On children some food that can make their breath become bad are cheese and certain juices. For some parents who are letting their children taking a zip or tasting an alcohol drink, they must know that the alcohol can also make their children have a bad breath.

Do not clean their teeth properly. Some children are difficult or too lazy to brush their teeth properly.

Left over mucus inside the children mouth. Dry mouth can also contribute bad breath to the children. This is happen because the habit of breathing with their mouth or snoring.

Preventing the children bad breath

To prevent your children having a bad breath, you should pay attention to what they are eating. You can avoid or reduce some foods and drinks that may cause your children having a bad breath according to your experience. But the most important thing is you need make them understand and build their awareness of the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and brush their teeth properly. And visit a dentist regularly to maintain the children oral hygiene and consult to the dentist about your children oral condition.

Taking Violin Lesson At Your Home

It is one of parent duty to provide proper education for their children. The best way to do it is by entering them to regular school education or home schooling education. With good education, the children will develop, trained and enhance their knowledge, interest and skill. Therefore they will have better chance to facing and overcome their own future. 

Taking violin lesson 

Beside taking the main course education such as school the children can also taking to many difference course that suits to their interest, talent and skill. For example you can develop your children skill in music by entering them to music course such as violin lesson. There are many good violin tutors that give violin lesson to people who are interested in this instrument. Whether they do an one on one private lesson or with many participants in course.  

Some of them are even use the technology to teach their pupil by using online or violin video lesson. Therefore the hindrance of strict time schedule and distance location are eliminated and people can learn violin at home in their own free time. It takes determination to become eloquent with this music instrument, therefore violin lesson is also a good way to train and build patient, confident and discipline.