We all understand about the siblings fight. Unfortunately without realizing it, many parents make the condition worse. Like when parents shout at the children to stop fighting they’re taught the children that shouting is a proper way to communicate. In fact, children eventually will yell more often since they see their parents communicating in that way.
So what the parents should do to handle sibling fighting effectively?

1.) Teach kids how to resolve conflicts.
parents should taught kids the different way they can use when they have a conflict with their sibling, like talking it out, ignoring, apologizing, walking away, and compromising. Kids need to comprehend that sometimes the best solution to solve a conflict is to walk away or to ignore their siblings before the fight happens. And if the conflict cannot be avoided, they have to learn to express their thought in a manner way and the way to compromise so they comprehend the necessary concept of take and give. Finally, they have to learn to genuinely apologize when they misbehaved.

2.) Enforce consistent consequences.
Kids learn from mimicking their parent actions than their words, parents have to show kids the necessary to stop fighting with their siblings. There need to be consequences that applied forcefully when they fighting with their sibling. So you must prepare to apply determinedly with the consequence that you choose.

3.) Acknowledge kids when they’re getting along.
Acknowledge them when they’re getting along with each other. Let them know that you happy with the situation.