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Three Best Baby Shower Gifts

Someone you know has a new baby on the way! It is time to celebrate with a baby shower. It is customary to bring a gift to celebrate the upcoming birth. In fact, the term ‘shower’ came about because guests shower the expecting mother with gifts. Gifts are generally intended for the baby, however they can also be for the parents. The best baby shower gift will be one that is useful and adorable. For example, a diaper cake will provide new parents with a supply of diapers and is packaged in a way that is entertaining.

The Best Baby Gifts

Choosing a baby shower gift is an important decision. Decide on a gift that expecting parents can use. Below are the three best baby shower gifts:

  1. Diaper Cake – A diaper cake provides expecting parents with what they need most – diapers. Babies go through four to seven diapers every day. Gifting a diaper cake is a fun and unique way to help expecting parents with this crucial supply. A diaper cake provides 40-60 diapers arranged to resemble a multi-layered cake. The most important piece of baby diaper cake information is that they also include additional baby supplies, such as baby lotion, diaper powder and pacifiers. A diaper cake is both useful and entertaining. It goes above and beyond a simple box of diapers – it is fun and exciting.
  2. Mommy-To-Be Bag – Every mother will put together a bag to take to the hospital when the special day comes. A mommy-to-be bag contains every thing that a mother would like to take. Purchase a reasonably sized and fashionable tote bag and fill it with a comfortable robe, relaxing CDs, helpful books and a journal. Decorate it with a few ribbons and bows.
  3. Beginning Library – Reading to children helps parents bond with their child and gives the newborn enhanced cognitive abilities. Put together a collection of books that parents can share with their children, including nursery rhymes, fables and any meaningful story. If you’d like to take this a step further, have the books engraved with a personal message. Provide books intended for young children that include plenty of pictures.

Help The Mother-To-Be

 Baby shower gifts can be novelties and entertaining, however a truly appreciated gift will be one that is helpful. Choose a gift for the expecting mother that will help them along with their new child. Consider putting together a beginning library, a diaper cake or a mommy-to-be bag.

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Creating Your Baby Photo Album

Babies can grow up in unbelievable speed. Just in a few months their physic will grows and before a year they will be starting to learn how to walk as toddler. And before you realize they have already leave the toddler age moment and begin to grow up as children. After that, there will be a time when you will be missed the cute and adorable baby period. And the only way to relive the moment is by looking at the photograph or films about your children when they are still baby or toddler. Remembering their moment when you look at the unique and cute poses that your children make with their cute baby headbands, hats or shoes or when they are still wearing a diaper.

Baby and toddler photograph is the best way to capture and immortalize your children moment when they are still as cute and adorable baby and toddler. Therefore it is a great idea to make a photo montage in photo album for your baby growth from new born baby until they reach the children age.

Preparing the photo session 

You can use your own personal photo that is taken by you or your family member and also you can use the professional baby photographer service. As professional they have the good experience in taking great baby pictures and handling the baby so they will be able to take any moments and poses that they want. It would be best that you coordinate with the baby photographer the best time they should take the baby pictures to avoid wasting time because baby bad mood and interrupting the baby resting time.

Other thing that you should take consideration when using professional photographer is preparing your baby appearance such as clothing and accessories. There are many clothing option that you can choose for the photo session. You can use ordinary baby clothes or you can use cute baby clothes such as baby pettiskirts for girl baby or cute Baby Bloomers.

First Time Parents

There is plenty of thing when become parent for the first time. Specially the mix feeling of happy, joyful, anxious, and sometimes stressing at the same time. The lack of knowledge and experience to taking care of an infant, the concern whether you do it properly or not, which bound to happen when taking care of the new baby, it can bring a lot of stress for the first time parent. But of course there will be a lot of joy side that will come a long too for the addition of a new member to your family.

For the first six month your new babies will required a lot of things so they can be comfortable and happy. Since they can grew quite fast for the first year you need pay attention about the size of their clothing, toys and diapers. For the feeding of baby for the first year of the baby’s life, there is a choice between breast feeding or you can give a bottle formula, its depend on the circumstances of the mother. For transportation you might want to get a baby stroller for the baby, there is a lot of model that you can choose from nowadays. And don’t forget to get a baby car seat for your car too.

Despite with the overwhelming to become the first time parent it is a most wonderful, fulfilling and exciting experiences, which should be enjoy for the whole family.