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Children Safety during Trick or Treating On Halloween Night

Halloween Safety for Children

People from all over the world often associate Halloween with fun and treats. Parents allow their children to go out and enjoy their trick and treat activities, without thinking about their child’s safety to some degree. The truth is, Halloween is not just about fun and treats. Several reports have revealed that compared to the other usual nights, the Halloween nights are more dangerous to children ages 5 to 11. A large number of children were killed and injured during Halloween nights and this happens primarily because of lack of parent’s supervision.

There are a lot of things that parents can do for their child’s safety at Halloween. To know more about the most advisable Halloween child safety strategies, just read on below some of the worth noting Halloween child safety tips that are perfect for parents, guardians and children as well.

Supervising the ChildrenSmall children must only go to a well-lit house and remain only on porches rather than entering the house.

It will be better if children go for trick or treat activities with a number of their friends and accompany by one or several adults.

It will be wise if the children keep and remember their parents or their own home phone numbers and carry coins or cell phone for emergency calls.

Prepare name tags with addresses and attached them to Halloween costumes.

Check the Treats that are GivenParents must warn the children not to immediately eat any treats that are given to them. It will be wiser for parent to check all the treats before letting their children eat it.

If the children are wearing costumes that use swords, knives, or any hard objects, the parents must make sure that those accessories are not sharp and rigid. It will be better if the children can use the flexible accessories instead.

Children must stay on sidewalks and avoid crossing the street without supervision. If the children want to cross the street or cross at the corner, make sure that they are stay together in a group before crossing the road and do not crossing between parked cars. Therefore the passing by driver will able to see them clearly.

If possible, choose and wear clothing that is bright, reflective and flame retardant.

Halloween Costume SafetyDo not let the children wear baggy or oversized costumes to prevent them from tripping, and also do not let them wear oversize mask or hat that obstructing their view when walking. The children should use the mask that properly fit or face paint.

Set a curfew for older children.

Prepare homes for tricks or treaters by cleaning and clearing your porches, sidewalks, and lawns.

Make sure that the pedestrian area in your neighborhood is safe for trick or treaters.

For people who are driving at same time as the trick or treating activity, they need to be extra careful when driving around the neighborhood. Watch for any children that might crossing the streets. Drive safely and slowly.

Those basically are the Halloween child safety tips. It will be better if parents can follow it to ensure the children safety and support their activity so they can have a fun and enjoyable Halloween experience.

Wholesale Candy

Usually when you take your children with you to shopping at the grocery or convenience store, usually they always want to get a candy bar or pack of gum for themselves. That is why all store managers put the candy displays on purpose right in front of the counter, so the children will definitely get clear view on the all candy option. This can cost you to spend a little extra to buy those candies.

But the truth is you can save your money by purchasing those candies in a bulk with wholesale candy price. Therefore you would have your own candy supply for your family and guest at home. For example you can buy candy bar or a pack of gum for $2. But if you buy in bulk lets say a case of 12 pack of gum at a wholesale price you can save your money up to 50%, that is mean you will buy the pack of gum for less than $2 a pack.

These days there are many online candy store that offering almost any type of your favorite candy from their store. There are many advantages that these online stores can provide such as many types of candy option that available for you, you can easily get wholesale candy price for you choice of candy, and they will send all your candy right to your house.

Purchasing candy in bulk is very convenient for you especially if you are about to have a special occasion such as, party, gathering and holiday. Think about the time and effort that you can save rather than going from store to store to get all the candy that you need especially for Halloween purpose where many children will be knocking on your door for trick or treating or the Thanksgiving and Christmas where the family will gather along with all their children.

Explaining About Halloween to Your Children

Halloween Halloween just around the corner, it is another chance to have good festivity time for everybody before entering the winter, especially for children. But it is also a good time to give your children the knowledge about Halloween and its celebration. Every child should understand where Halloween comes from and they shouldn’t only know that there are funny costumes, sweets and carved pumpkins involved. They should also know its origins, its role and what this celebration actually is.

They should be able to identify it and to name it when someone tells them about it. Your child should not identify Halloween with the day of the year when they get a lot of sweets, when they dress up in costumes and when they carve pumpkins. They should know the minimum amount of information when someone asks them about this celebration. Thus, they understand that there is a day of the year when certain things are done, things which don’ happen every day.

You can start telling them about the story of Halloween, where this very old celebration which appeared long before they were born. Also, tell them that people used to make great bonfires to celebrate Halloween and that they dressed up in all kinds of little animals, trying to guess their future. They believed that the ghosts and the fire chased the monsters away and protected the people from them. That is why they shouldn’t be afraid if they see children or adults dressed up in such costumes on that day as they are only trying to keep the monsters as far away as possible.

Once you have told them about the legend of Halloween, you should start preparing them for the Halloween atmosphere. This spirit can be overwhelming for them, even frightening. You can’t know what to expect, which is why you might have some problems. It is possible that they see a lot of monsters and ghosts on Halloween, characters which they believed were evil. Therefore, it is essential that you talk to them about this celebration referring to this aspect, too. Create an atmosphere that they are comfortable with and help them prepare themselves and face the potential fears they may encounter.

Also, they have to understand why there are other people standing in their doors, asking for sweets and stuff. You can explain to them that Halloween trick-or-treating is pretty much the same thing Christmas caroling. You can tell them that people didn’t have too much food long before they were born and that other people helped them with that, which is where this tradition comes from. Just make sure that they don’t understand that they have to go trick-or-treating if they don’t have anything to eat and that this is just the spirit of Halloween.