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Handling Colic Baby

colic babyColic is a condition that happens to a baby, where they can cry uncontrollably. This situation usually happens to a new born baby around the age of 1 month. This symptom can appear suddenly and can also disappear suddenly. Usually this symptom will disappear when the baby is 4 month old. Although colic mostly do not affect your baby health but it can affect the family, especially for parents and the infant themselves psychologically such as stress and fatigue in emotionally and physically.

Baby communication

Crying is the only communication method that the babies know. With crying the baby will tell their parent that there is something wrong that is bothering them and make them uncomfortable. But in colic even you have applying all the solution that you can think of to calm the baby down, the baby is still relentlessly crying.

The cause

Until this day the major reason that causing colic on babies is still unknown. But many researches have shown that there are some factors that can cause colic condition on babies such as;

Gas accumulation. The accumulated gas will cause bloating for the baby and causing them uncomfortable. The gas can come from unhealthy air condition in the baby environment such as smokers or polluted air, and bottle fed baby where the air can come from the bottle teat. Therefore it is important to always burp the baby after feeding them to release the air inside the baby stomach. There are also some medical treatments to dealing the air inside the baby stomach, but you must consult it with your pediatrician to do this.

Lactose intolerant for the bottle fed babies. This happen because the baby digestion system is still very simple, therefore some baby cannot digest the baby milk formula and causing allergy for the baby milk formula. You need to switch your baby milk formula that has hypo allergenic formula for your baby if your regular baby milk formula causing colic for your baby.

Stress. While in their mother wombs, the baby often experienced many stimuli from their mother environment such as sound, movement and vibration. But after the baby is born, they become less experience these stimuli. For some reason this quite and calm condition can make some babies feel uncomfortable and make them stress. For this you can use many methods such as rocking or swinging the baby, using low sound or vibration from your house appliances, or humming when putting them to sleep.


Each baby may need different solution in to solve their colic condition. You can try many methods to find the right one for your baby. Try to discuss it with your family, friends or other mothers that have experience in handling baby colic or your pediatricians.

Applying A Healthy Living For Your Family

The easiest method to have a healthy life for your family is by eating healthy food and exercising properly. The great benefit that you can achieve by living healthy is that you can enjoy your life more, better productivity on your effort, mind and soul and leads to more happiness for your family. By living healthy life you also will be able to save and reduce your expenses and budget in healthcare, health insurance, and grocery shopping. As you know that fresh and healthy food such as vegetable, fruit, fresh milk, or egg, are less expensive than the junk or unhealthy foods.

Teaching the importance of healthy living

Many parents make mistake by letting their children have the habit of eating unhealthy or junk foods without proper balancing with healthy foods and exercising. It is OK to let the children eat junk food once in a while, but you also need to make them understand the necessary of balancing with healthy food and exercise. It is all to prevent them from getting health problem in the future such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and obesity.

For active children you may not see the trouble right away. That is because their body can change the food to energize their full activity. But even for active children, as the time goes by the entire bad ingredient such as sodium, sugar, salt and bad fat will pile up inside their body and will cause problem in the future. For some children it can happen even sooner, especially for less active children.

Children participation

As adults and parents, it is our obligation to become role model to set up an example and teach our children about the habits and the importance of having healthy life. Therefore the children can pick up this healthy habit and apply it in to their own life in the future. Beside teaching your children it is also important to make them participate in this healthy habits program so they have better understanding and can accept and absorb it in their mind. An understanding is a better way to make the children do the good way instead of forcibly habits and rules.

Make the time to interact with the children to take their feedback and input about the choice of food that you will serve for them or the type of exercise that can be useful. You can also do the exercise together with the children and the whole family. And you also can use it as a family quality time that can be enjoy with the whole family.

Choosing The Right Pediatrician For Your Children

Having the capable and trustee pediatrician to handle the health of your children are very important. It will ensure you to have a capable helping hand that you can rely on when your children got sick. Make you become less panics and able to control the situation better. They can provide you with a good and accurate information and good solution that you can trust and rely on regarding your children health condition.

Searching the good pediatrician

There are some information sources that you can use to find a good pediatrician. For started you can ask your friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers to get recommendation on a good pediatrician that they might knew of. You can also get recommendation from your obstetrician, because they often interact and working together.
For technical, formal and official information you can search at American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and or American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). These organization will provide certified and competence pediatrician database.

Things you need to consider

Other than technical matter in deciding a doctor as your family pediatrician, there are few things that is also important for you to consider such as their experience or personality. You also need to see how their chemistry to you as parent and your children. Does the pediatrician knowledgeable about current condition and current medical development?  And does your insurance will approves and covered on the pediatrician service that you choose?

You should not waste your time by using the pediatrician service that does not match to your expectation. There is a big chance that you need to see and changing to several pediatricians until you meet the pediatrician that suits to your expectation and need.