The easiest method to have a healthy life for your family is by eating healthy food and exercising properly. The great benefit that you can achieve by living healthy is that you can enjoy your life more, better productivity on your effort, mind and soul and leads to more happiness for your family. By living healthy life you also will be able to save and reduce your expenses and budget in healthcare, health insurance, and grocery shopping. As you know that fresh and healthy food such as vegetable, fruit, fresh milk, or egg, are less expensive than the junk or unhealthy foods.

Teaching the importance of healthy living

Many parents make mistake by letting their children have the habit of eating unhealthy or junk foods without proper balancing with healthy foods and exercising. It is OK to let the children eat junk food once in a while, but you also need to make them understand the necessary of balancing with healthy food and exercise. It is all to prevent them from getting health problem in the future such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and obesity.

For active children you may not see the trouble right away. That is because their body can change the food to energize their full activity. But even for active children, as the time goes by the entire bad ingredient such as sodium, sugar, salt and bad fat will pile up inside their body and will cause problem in the future. For some children it can happen even sooner, especially for less active children.

Children participation

As adults and parents, it is our obligation to become role model to set up an example and teach our children about the habits and the importance of having healthy life. Therefore the children can pick up this healthy habit and apply it in to their own life in the future. Beside teaching your children it is also important to make them participate in this healthy habits program so they have better understanding and can accept and absorb it in their mind. An understanding is a better way to make the children do the good way instead of forcibly habits and rules.

Make the time to interact with the children to take their feedback and input about the choice of food that you will serve for them or the type of exercise that can be useful. You can also do the exercise together with the children and the whole family. And you also can use it as a family quality time that can be enjoy with the whole family.