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Handling Colic Baby

colic babyColic is a condition that happens to a baby, where they can cry uncontrollably. This situation usually happens to a new born baby around the age of 1 month. This symptom can appear suddenly and can also disappear suddenly. Usually this symptom will disappear when the baby is 4 month old. Although colic mostly do not affect your baby health but it can affect the family, especially for parents and the infant themselves psychologically such as stress and fatigue in emotionally and physically.

Baby communication

Crying is the only communication method that the babies know. With crying the baby will tell their parent that there is something wrong that is bothering them and make them uncomfortable. But in colic even you have applying all the solution that you can think of to calm the baby down, the baby is still relentlessly crying.

The cause

Until this day the major reason that causing colic on babies is still unknown. But many researches have shown that there are some factors that can cause colic condition on babies such as;

Gas accumulation. The accumulated gas will cause bloating for the baby and causing them uncomfortable. The gas can come from unhealthy air condition in the baby environment such as smokers or polluted air, and bottle fed baby where the air can come from the bottle teat. Therefore it is important to always burp the baby after feeding them to release the air inside the baby stomach. There are also some medical treatments to dealing the air inside the baby stomach, but you must consult it with your pediatrician to do this.

Lactose intolerant for the bottle fed babies. This happen because the baby digestion system is still very simple, therefore some baby cannot digest the baby milk formula and causing allergy for the baby milk formula. You need to switch your baby milk formula that has hypo allergenic formula for your baby if your regular baby milk formula causing colic for your baby.

Stress. While in their mother wombs, the baby often experienced many stimuli from their mother environment such as sound, movement and vibration. But after the baby is born, they become less experience these stimuli. For some reason this quite and calm condition can make some babies feel uncomfortable and make them stress. For this you can use many methods such as rocking or swinging the baby, using low sound or vibration from your house appliances, or humming when putting them to sleep.


Each baby may need different solution in to solve their colic condition. You can try many methods to find the right one for your baby. Try to discuss it with your family, friends or other mothers that have experience in handling baby colic or your pediatricians.

Online Baby Sport Clothing

Good qualities of baby clothes aren’t that difficult to acquire, especially in these days. With the rapid development of internet technology, the online shop for that offering good quality baby clothes with reasonable price are blooming. There are many good and reliable and reputable online shops for baby clothes that you can find. With online baby clothing shops you can avoid the hassle by sparing your time and going trough from one place to another to find the right clothes for your baby not to mention with the waiting inline crowd at the cashier. Instead you could enjoy choosing and buy your baby clothes conveniently from your home.

Why don’t you try to take a look at BabyFans.com. They are one of the best online baby clothing shops with excellent quality product of baby clothing with reasonable price. They specially provide many baby clothes and accessories with sport themes, such as all major baseball clubs, football, basket ball and Nascar. So if you are a die hard fan of the Knicks, you could dress up your baby with Knicks Baby Clothes.

Their products are ranging from new born baby size clothes to the preschool size clothes. There’s no need to worry about getting the wrong size for your baby. Their website provides a size chart complete with age, height and weight to determine the right size for your baby. Their entire product comes with a great quality, stylish and very cute design and with affordable price. So it will be hard for you to resist seeing your baby wearing their product.

Three Best Baby Shower Gifts

Someone you know has a new baby on the way! It is time to celebrate with a baby shower. It is customary to bring a gift to celebrate the upcoming birth. In fact, the term ‘shower’ came about because guests shower the expecting mother with gifts. Gifts are generally intended for the baby, however they can also be for the parents. The best baby shower gift will be one that is useful and adorable. For example, a diaper cake will provide new parents with a supply of diapers and is packaged in a way that is entertaining.

The Best Baby Gifts

Choosing a baby shower gift is an important decision. Decide on a gift that expecting parents can use. Below are the three best baby shower gifts:

  1. Diaper Cake – A diaper cake provides expecting parents with what they need most – diapers. Babies go through four to seven diapers every day. Gifting a diaper cake is a fun and unique way to help expecting parents with this crucial supply. A diaper cake provides 40-60 diapers arranged to resemble a multi-layered cake. The most important piece of baby diaper cake information is that they also include additional baby supplies, such as baby lotion, diaper powder and pacifiers. A diaper cake is both useful and entertaining. It goes above and beyond a simple box of diapers – it is fun and exciting.
  2. Mommy-To-Be Bag – Every mother will put together a bag to take to the hospital when the special day comes. A mommy-to-be bag contains every thing that a mother would like to take. Purchase a reasonably sized and fashionable tote bag and fill it with a comfortable robe, relaxing CDs, helpful books and a journal. Decorate it with a few ribbons and bows.
  3. Beginning Library – Reading to children helps parents bond with their child and gives the newborn enhanced cognitive abilities. Put together a collection of books that parents can share with their children, including nursery rhymes, fables and any meaningful story. If you’d like to take this a step further, have the books engraved with a personal message. Provide books intended for young children that include plenty of pictures.

Help The Mother-To-Be

 Baby shower gifts can be novelties and entertaining, however a truly appreciated gift will be one that is helpful. Choose a gift for the expecting mother that will help them along with their new child. Consider putting together a beginning library, a diaper cake or a mommy-to-be bag.

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