For most people parenting could comes naturally, although it is not comes easily. There are no fixed rules or manuals to parenting; they usually will learn and comprehend as they go. But few things such as feeding, clothing or caring and loving for a child can easily come naturally because most people are born with that instinct just like most any other living creature in this planet. But, as the child grows parenting will encounter different level difficulty in handle the children guidance and needs everyday. Therefore occasionally many parents will require some help in raising and give guidance for their children.

These days there are many people especially who have experienced, knowledge and skilled are offered  their help and advice about parenting for any parents that in need. One of the most often that these people are helping is with the parenting styles in raising the children. Basically the parenting styles can be classify into three basic types, which  is democratic, permissive and authoritarian where each types have their pluses and minus side.

On authoritarian parenting, basically it uses strict control and schedule by parents. Any mistake will be punished. Therefore children usually are not allowed to have their own mind and parents become absolute thinker and decision maker. Mostly the children will have a good behavior and lesser problem for the parents. On the long term the children mostly will grow up as person who has problems as an egocentric person.

On contrarily the permissive parenting is the exact opposite, where the children are freely to have the control of their own. There are not a lot of rules and usually weak in application where mistake have huge understanding and easily forgot and forgiven. But the downside is; most of children that grew up from this parenting type will become rebellious person who to any rules and orders.

The democratic parenting type is a combination from those parenting types that are mention above. Rules are enforced to the children, but they also see the circumstances that also happen. Punishment is apply and also discussed with the child, so they learn and understand about what is right and what is wrong with the right reason. Therefore most children will grow up with the respect to their parents and can solve problems and conflicts in a reasonable way. This types of parenting will requires a lot of effort from the parent to apply, where parents constantly dealing and solving any problem that happen.