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Contact Lens For Your Children

Does your children or teenagers dislike to wear glasses although they really need it? Then you might want to consider to use contact lens for your them. Although they are still young, they can wear contact lens like the adults.

When choosing between glasses or contact lens for your kids or teenagers, there are some aspects that can be used as consideration such as;


Using glasses are simpler and more practical compare to contact lens. Unfortunately many kids and teen do not like to wear glasses since the glasses often make their appearance become less attractive or nerdy, so it can reduce their self-esteem.

Meanwhile contact lenses require more attention to take care the lenses. But it can boost children self-esteem since they do not have to wear glasses on their face.

Minimum age

Usually most eye doctor can give contact lenses prescription to children at 11 years old. Younger children can also wear contact lenses based on the recommendation from ophthalmologist.

Therefore, the age is not a problem for children to wear contact lenses, although the parents must ensure that their children aware their responsibilities to take care the contact lenses properly.


Many parents are worried about the safety of contact lenses for their children or teenagers. But, as long the contact lenses are made from responsible manufacturer, and taken care and worn properly, the lenses are very safe.

Here are some rules to make sure the safety of contact lenses;

Keep following your ophthalmologist instruction in taking care the contact lenses

Use and replace the lenses according to the schedule that is set by the eye doctor and do not wear them too long.

Do not sleep with the lenses on.

Use tight swimming goggles if you want to use the lenses while swimming.

Do not keep using the lenses if they give uncomfortable feeling to your eyes, or when your eyes feel tired and dry.



These days, every contact lenses are produced in a comfortable design. Many people claimed that the latest contact lenses design makes them feel like they did not wear the contact lenses at all.

But, for some people, putting on the lenses first in the morning would still make them feel uncomfortable and it would take few minutes before their eyes feels normal and comfortable again.

The difficulties in taking care the lenses

In the old days, taking care the contact lenses is quite complicated. Storing and cleaning process require delicate process. But, for modern contact lenses these process become much simpler using multi-purpose cleaner substance and easier storing case.

There are also disposable contact lenses that absolutely do not require any care at all. You just thrown out the lenses after using it once.


Since the glasses can be use and last much longer than contact lenses, the overall cost for contact lenses is more costly. It will become more expensive if you use colored or disposable contact lenses since this contact lenses type is the most expensive type.

The price of the contact lenses also varies depend on the material, type and brand.

Daycare Facilities

Day care services have dispersed to many parts of the country. It’s because the increased demand for their services. Day care facilities are operated for profit reason as business organization or non profit with relying on other party donation, usually run by some foundation or public organization. All daycare facilities in the country are ruled by the Day Nurseries Act. Except for those the home daycare which run by individual person. The Day Nurseries act issued a regulation to limits the amount of children that a daycare can accept and the safety protocols to operate a day care center etc.

Parents can locate a day care center in their neighborhood easily by searching at the local newspapers or phone book listings directory. Word of mouth is also a good way to finding one. Once a daycare center is located the parents should pay a visit to the location to judge the conditions of the facilities which their children will be placed in. It is necessary to survey at the safety precautions that are available, cleanliness and sanitation, and neighborhood environment of the daycare center. Talk to other parents at the facility will provide you an overall picture of the institution.

Daycare center have to meet with the highest safety standards. They must complied the safety protocols that should be applied during in case of fire or accident that might concurred from the activities that they held. The staff must also be enough trained and experience to handle such incident.

Safety Tips for the Student

Student SafetyGetting an education these days is tough enough. Between paying tuition, bills, school supplies and hours of studying, students have to watch out for their safety as well. Students can’t count on campus security as they never seem to be around when needed, they just can’t be expected to watch over so many students and guarantee everyone’s safety.

If students live on campus, they need to be careful about who that they let in their dorm. Be very weary of strangers or people you just met. Many can seem very nice and sweet but yet have alternative motives. Also be very careful of who follows you into the building. If you are walking alone many will take this chance to follow you into your dorm, so be very aware of your surroundings. Lock your bedroom door even if you are only going into your hallway.

Half of all burglaries happen because a door or windows are left open. So if student in a private home or apartment make sure all the windows are locked down and the front door is always locked. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to be out a few minutes out or close by. Always lock up.

Muggers, burglars and rapists are always looking for an easy target. You don’t want to be one of them, always try to be in groups at night. If you can’t be with friends going home, you’re probably better off getting a taxi or staying over a friend’s home.

When using ATM machines try to be in a group of friends or trusted people. If student need to use ATMS, try to get their cash early on. The early the better, less chance of getting cornered and get robbed in the dark of night. So it’s best to use ATMS in groups and during the day if possible. Put the debit card and cash away quickly and always is aware of who’s around and student surroundings. Needless to say never give anybody your pin number or write it down where someone can take it.

Everyone is more vulnerable to crime or being abused in some sort or manner, when they’ve been drinking. If student are planning a big night out partying, arrange beforehand a way to get home safely, with friends, or in a taxi. Be careful of whom they accept drinks from, men and women can have their drinks spiked for different reasons. Keep an eye on your drink as much as possible with strangers. The students do not have to be paranoid or anything like that; just use common sense and all should be well.