Talking Back Preteen

Talking Back PreteenMost parents become troubles when their sweet children turn into different person as they grow up becomes preteen or teenager. It is quite common that they become confused to find out that they have gone from knowing everything as a parent, to not knowing absolutely anything. Welcome to being a parent of a preteen/teenager. It is a brave new world. Being a preteen/teenager is difficult and being a parent of one is difficult as well. In this article, we will discuss a few of the many “normal” behavior aspects of adolescence and how to survive as a parent.

Talking balk behavior

Talking back is a normal behavior, ALTHOUGH it is not acceptable. Our society through TV programs, movies and in general does not show respect. Most sitcoms delight in making the parents look like idiots. So, our society does not show respect and our children model that with us. Another normal aspect of preteen is to think their parents know very little due to us growing up with dinosaurs toys and not with advance high tech gadget as today.

Most adolescents get all their information from their peers, and other place such as internet who unfortunately don’t always give good advice. Acting like a “baby” one minute and an “adult” the next is extremely common. It is an extremely confusing time for them. Part of them craves the security and the easiness of childhood and another part “needs” the freedom and independence of being adult, unfortunately they often forget about the responsibility part. So, as a parent you are never really sure who you are talking to at any given moment. Do I have the “baby” who wants my support or am I talking to the “adult” who wants to make his or her own decisions? And unfortunately most parents often pick the wrong one.

Handling the talking back preteen

So, what can a parent due to handle the talking back preteen? You may want to pay attention to some of these strategies.

When your child is talking back, do not engage in conversation with them and certainly do not do something special for them, like taking them to the mall.

Try not to give unsolicited advice. This is because usually the children or preteen will listen pay more attention to the parent’s advice when your child asks for it.

Make sure you spend time listening to your children. Take any opportunity even if it is at 11:00pm to listen when your child is willing to talk.

Talk to the parents of your child’s friends and have a curfew that everyone agrees on. There is strength in numbers for parents as well. Then, you can say not “everyone” gets to stay out later than your child.

Talk to other parents for support. Often, when our children are small we share a lot with other parents. Sometimes, when our children get to be teenagers we keep silent. It really helps to know you are not the only parent having a difficult time.


In conclusion, it is tough being a teenager and a parent of one, but everyone involved can survive. You didn’t think your children would ever get out of diapers and now look, they are teenagers. Teenagers still need you, so stay involved in their lives. Learn about their friends and be willing to listen at anytime.


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