Teaching the Children through Astronomy

Children AstronomyAstronomy is perhaps the best science for teaching children. Astronomy-themed learning projects can help teach children not only astronomy but many subjects–reading, writing, math, history, geometry, chemistry, art, photography, etc. Almost any area of knowledge can be integrated into a children’s astronomy class or workshop.

Children are not only learning the fascinating subject of astronomy that has engaged children of all ages for centuries–the solar system, the planets, the stars, the nebula, the comets, the galaxies, the spaceships and space marvels, the telescopes–but astronomy can be the coordinating art and science.

There are many children’s astronomy websites online and also books that include experimental projects, data research projects, telescope projects (including “make your own telescope”). Astronomy can also teach children how to think and analyze. Writing can be taught via keeping astronomy journals.

Other children’s astronomy websites can be easily found via your favorite search engine. Astronomy-oriented toys, “space toys” and science kits are available. Also calendars, posters, print. Children can be encouraged to design their own posters and art prints, their own “astrographics.” There are also telescope stores that have novice telescopes for young astronomers.

As for astronomy software, there are wide ranges of astronomy software which can be educational. Some of this software is especially designed for children can also be found online. Again, children can be encouraged to create their own stickers, coloring books, and computer graphics and astronomy and space clip art.

So when teaching children art, writing, math or any subject, think astronomy, which has engaged children of all ages for ages.


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